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Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 - I Solemnley Swear I Am Up To No Good

2016 has arrived. It's a leap year. We have presidential election in the US, which if your outside the US, you'll find hilariously appalling, or be indifferent to it. I say good on you. At the end of the day it doesn't much matter who's in charge, most people just go about their lives and deal with their immediate world. The minority that do care, will, loudly. We just try and tune them out, smile knowingly (even sympathetically) and try to avoid them in the future. It's a good policy. What else can we expect in 2016? I'm not a prognosticator, but I'm going to predict there will be talk of the weather, Ben and Jerry's will put out a new flavor and man buns will be mercilessly ridiculed (as they should). Hey, you took the time to grow out your mane, wear it proudly! Pony tails are acceptable. And for god sakes don't get a face tattoo! I'm kidding. Do what the hell makes you happy. Seriously, no man bun. Don't even joke about it.

I've been on vacation the last couple of days that and some serious insomnia has given me some time to reflect. Didn't have a choice. Neighbors, fireworks 12am, scared dogs. I was lying awake anyway, annoyed. Neighbors, don't be surprised when I'm not so quick to bring in my dogs when they're in the backyard barking at squirrels. Eyes wide open and I was mulling around resolutions and what to do in 2016. 2015, I've talked about it in the last few blog posts. I retread a lot of the same ground at any given time, part of it is lack of any meaningful sleep, early onset I don't give a crap and alcohol. Could be related, but that something best left in the past. I'm going to put a cap on it and call it done. What I'm concerned about is 2016 and what I can do bring this year in right. I do this amidst my two huskies and my akita serenading me with the songs of their people. I kind of like it when the let loose with their inner wolves. It makes me laugh. It's adorable as hell and the primal sound of the three are quite beautiful. There was a time that would bring fear into the hearts of our ancestors, but I've seem all the confounded by a tennis ball and duck for cover at the roar of the vacuum. We are pack and they bring me joy.

As for 2016 here's what's up:

1. Dex Machina - for the love of all that is good and holy I'm going to finish this book if it kills me. It's the first book that I have an outline written, I have very clear character arcs, a great bad guy and absolutely no ambition to write it. It's time. Plant my butt in front of the computer and let some loose words gather up into sentences and then congeal into paragraphs and finally gather those and hammer them together into chapters. I'm feeling the itch and the characters are once again calling me back to New London. It my happy place and I take great delight in really screwing with it and everyone who lives there. And I mean to do a thorough job and give everyone a really bad day. Sounds like fun? New London has this amazing event in the summer called Sail Fest, lots of boats, ships, people hanging out at the beach getting skin cancer. Fireworks. Food fests. The city swells with tourists...yeah, that sounds like a target to me, too.

2. I want to be offline more. I put a lot of time into social media and it's time to back away a little, I'll maintain, but it's an obstacle for getting things done, such as kicking out novels, or mowing the grass, being an active participant in life. I want to do that more. Be preset for my family and friends, produce a little vitamin D with some rays from the sun, find some cool things to do and write about them. For instance, there's a horror convention in February that I'd like to attend, I'm going to have another book signing and I see a trip to Connecticut in the cards this year. I can go make my apologies to New London. Plus, with everything turning to politics, it's a good time to be away.

3. I want to build something. Something I'm completely fascinated with and I want to get out and do is go out to junk shops and restore something, or find something to repurpose. I'm not talking about a car, or anything, but I'd love to make something cool out of things people have discarded. My wife got me hooked on HGTV and I've been completely fascinated by American Pickers and I think it would be fun to crawl around a junk pile and give something new life. I've sent a lot of time around tools and I'm fairly mechanically adept and I think it's time to rediscover that part of me. I used to get a lot of satisfaction out of making things, whether it was a control pane, or communication system on a submarine, or putting in a new piece of telephone equipment, (no, writing doesn't count toward this) it's about working with my hands and having a project and building something significant and useful. It could be a shed. I don't know, but it's going to be something exciting that my neighbors are going to want an ordinance against.

4. This year I want to be better. This isn't a health thing, or a resolution to lose weight, but as a person. I see people enjoying life and I don't feel that I participate in that anymore. It's not like I don't do things, in fact, I do a lot in a week, but my life had achieved a level of efficiency. I do my job, well, both in fact and the rest of my world either surrounds my career or my writing, family obligations, even the most exciting person I know, my wife and I have a routine and we need to shake that up and discover new things together. Maybe I hold the nails as she builds the shed, she's a lot more gifted than I am, mechanically. It's about a spiritual awakening. (I hope I didn't lose you) I don't mean religion, I don't talk about that. We are of this world and we should be connected to it, I'm not talking hugging trees, but community, fellowship and making a difference in the world around me. I think that's important. It's something that I think I do, because I support charities, but there's a difference between giving money and giving or yourself and your time. That's the more meaningful gift and one I don't do nearly enough. I don't know what that is just yet, but this is the year I find it.

A little different focus this year. Where other resolutions were more career minded, or let's lose an unspecified number of pounds. This is the year I work on happiness and fulfilment, I step outside myself and let the world traipse through. It's wildly known that happiness has a direct impact on health. Laughter is medicine.

So I solemnly swear for 2016 I will be up to no good and loving every second of it. Who's with me?

My books are Dex Territory (Book 1) and Knight and Dex (Book 2). If you haven't read them, you should. They're fun and filled with adventure cool characters. I didn't set these books out to be Shakespeare, I wanted to give readers a good romp. Put on your suspenders of disbelief and have some fun. They're a quick read with dialog that make Rice Krispies jealous and more twists and turns than a plate of pasta. I'll have you guessing to the end.

Please, check them out. I promise you a good time.

There are links all over my main blog page that will get you Amazon, TWB Press, please give them some love. We have some really great authors that should be able to scratch any literary itch even in the hard to reach places.

Time to sign this one off. All, truly, from the bottom of my heart the support I get from all of you is incredible. I'm grateful for all that have taken a chance an read my book, left me a review and made me feel like the real deal when it comes to being a novelist. I might have a little something special for my next blog post. Stay tuned.

I wish you all the best in the new year!

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