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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lack of Progress but moving forward

Lack of progress. My blog is called author in progress, but I’ve decided that it’s a misnomer at this point in time. I’m stuck, mired and unable to move forward. It’s certainly not a lack of desire as that remains constant. I’ve written about half of my third book and it’s been that way since before I took pen to my second book. I have the entire story outlined and it’s as twisty-turny as a bucket of eels. I have good character interactions, the dialog is what you’d expect from my books, snappy banter and fun. Yet, I can’t seem to write another word.

I know what you’re about to say, you’re blocked and work through it. The problem is I’m not blocked, if fact just the opposite, I have ideas running around my head, knocking over shit, tripping over themselves to get out. Yet, I’m more concerned about the picks in my college football pool and how we’re setting up the post season in the NFL. Being from New England, you might guess where my loyalties hang their woolen beanie. If you were to say Boston, you’d be right.

Here’s the thing. While I’m a sports fan, it’s not everything I am. I have a day job and it keeps me pretty darn busy. We’re in our push to the telecom Christmas shutdown. My focus has been there. I’m a husband, A dog rescuer, a friend, a brother, a son, a firmly committed movie buff, a pop culture fan, a homeowner with gutters that desperately need to be cleaned and honey-do list as long as my arm and in the middle of that I write books. It’s been causing me a little stress that I have a book to write, but haven’t been doing much about it.

Last night I’m lying in bed, wide awake, which is more often the case. I had an epiphany and right after I had my first real sleep in days. The pressure and stress were all in my head. I was causing my own problem. I rolled it around my head to be certain, but never had I tried to write anything from October to December. Last year I was editing Dex Territory, but that was different. Knight and Dex came to me in January. I’m always writing, but I’m not always writing books. Then came the sigh of relief. It’s not my time to be worried about the next book. I’ve released two book in less than a year. I’m marketing book 2 and living up to those obligations and it’s time you gave yourself a damn break, Mark. You’re no use if you’re a babbling idiot.

I made a deal with myself. Sanity first, Dex Machina can wait until you stabilize. Keep writing down those ideas, those bits of dialog and live life. I’m a writer that writes from experiences. While the tales are very fictions, what lies underneath comes from personal experiences. There is a nugget of my life way down deep in the core. To write about experience, it’s important to have them.

My plan is to have some experiences, enjoy the holidays with my family and friends, laugh, catch some ball games, watch my local ECHL hockey team take the ice, watch Star Wars more times than is healthy, hang out a Johnnie McCracken’s Irish Pub, whip up some culinary art in my kitchen and then get back to doing what I really want to do. Write damn good stories.

This may not be my last blog post of the year, but when the next one comes it will be with a vengeance!
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