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Saturday, March 21, 2015

I've written a second book!! I'm an idiot.

Holy shit!

For the last ten years, give or take, off and on I wrote a book. Time will tell if it's a good book, but I like it and those that have read it seem to like it too. It was a labor of love and you can read through past blogs if you want the story. Last year a publisher took a chance on it and after a grueling few months and my editor calmly showed me everything I did wrong. It was a lot. We got through the process and I held my book in my hands on Dec 24th and it was everything I wanted it be, but I wanted more. I know, apparently, I'm not happy unless I'm suffering.

I was playing with my second book and everything was going great. I have a strong story there are some awesome visuals, I have my character arcs and the whole thing plotted out and about 2/3rds written when a thought crept into my head. I don't even know where this came from, seriously. I sat back at my desk and propped up me feet and look at the growing story on the monitor and said out loud, "Huh. I think there should be story between these two." I mean fuck! Why does my brain hate me? I repaired the head shaped dent in my desk and pulled up a blank page.

I informed my wife that I was going to do this, consider herself a widow for a couple of months and I'd understand if she took up with another man until I emerged from my cave. She promised she'd wait for me and I got to work. In about eight weeks I had my first draft done and it wasn't bad. In fact, I think it's a pretty damn good story. I added some new characters, took some of my regulars and sent them on vacation and I'm hoping to use book 2 as a springboard for another series. That series will be supernatural and I think it'll fit nicely in my world. BTW, I have that book plotted out. It's not a hope so much as a certainty it'll be written.

Book 2 is done and I'm editing it now. First draft was a nice tidy 66k word story and after tearing all the shit out I have a nice tight 72k words. How the hell does that happen? I've added the equivalent of two chapters with the goal trimming it. Yeesh! Hopefully, my beta readers will come to my rescue and we can get this monster whipped into shape. I probably should mention this was supposed to be a 40K word novelette.

What to expect? Rick O'Shea is back and doing his thing. He meets up with a mysterious woman (I thought I'd try something no one has ever thought to do) and things turn spooky. We get to Play with Pink Panther as I can't stop writing about her. Even toying with a YA book about her younger days. It might be fun! We get a better look into the working of the STF. We didn't get to spend a lot of time with them in Dex Territory and there may be a zombie running around the pages, but if you're expecting the usual, you may be in for a surprise. Nothing's ever that easy in New London. We also get a sense of the fallout from book 1 and the world is definitely getting more dangerous.

I'm getting to the wire and obsessing about it. I haven't been keeping up on my blogs as my efforts have been laser focused to provide new content for you guys and I'm just as curious to see what happens with these characters. This is a darker tale than the first, but there's still plenty of humor and fun to be had. I'm going to get back to it. Follow along in the usual places. I've had some awesome reviews lately, check them out on Amazon!! If you haven't grabbed a copy, there are plenty to go around. If you're worried about killing trees grab an e-copy. I promise you a good time, just open the cover and if you're not hooked by the end of the first chapter, there could be something wrong with you, seriously, get checked. If your still unsure, my first chapter is free on amazon, just follow the link below. I love you guys, thanks for following along. I promise another short story in the next week or two.

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