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Monday, December 1, 2014

Things, other stuff and non sequiturs

Where to begin? Latest book progress Dex Territory is going through a second edit. At this point is cleaning up and loose grammar, typos, etc. prettying it up. The story is done and I've very satisfied with it. II hope you'll find the characters as fun to read as I had in writing their adventures. With hope we may be able to shove this out before Christmas. Head over to for the latest.

Nanawrimo: Arg! I said I wasn't going to participate, I did a book edit in the middle of it, but I get to November and my brain kicks me in the head to write stuff down. I've been working on the sequel to Dex territory and basically saw that what I wrote was complete rubbish. It happens. It's going to take a lot off success before I'm able to tip the scales over the stuff I've completely buggered up. You learn by doing. It's cliché, but that doesn't mean it isn't the truth.

We as human sometimes forget that the best way to learn is to fail. Our culture has grown into something driven by success. We don't allow ourselves enough space fall flat on our faces. Personally, I've never truly learned something by getting it right.

I've been reading a lot of biographies and listening to great conversations on Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy and Chris Hardwick's Nerdist podcasts. There are others, but those two rank amongst my favorites. Each have guests that range from A-list actors, TV personalities, musicians, working actors, writers, comedians and some I know from their work, but many I don't and I find that the one thing they have in common and in common with me, it they know how to screw shit up, they've experienced painful embarrassments and failed, sometimes epically. I find that rather comforting. It sort of puts all on an even keel and gives us no end of self inflicted wounds as Aisha calls them.

I have things I've done that I still cringe when I go over them in my head. The interesting part is when I mention some of these moments to those involved they could hardly give a shit, or they've forgiven me along the way. Yet I feel the need to torture myself with these memories. I got to thinking about this and I know each of these moments were absolutely necessary for who I am today. They act as marker stones to navigate my way through life. Certainly the good outweighs the bad, but I know I focus on the bad so much it's easy to lose the gratitude I need to express for each moment.

Even some of the worst things that have happened in my life have all turned into treasures. Death teaches you to value the living and cherish the time with those around you. Losing a job is sometimes the best thing that ever happens to you. It's easy to stagnate and not push yourself to new heights. While it may sting at the time, it's sometimes a gift that can free you to pursue something you're suited for and something that satisfied you. Relationships are tough. I've had tremendous, passionate relationships that were doomed from the start. Each of which were the end of the world at the time. Time heals. Hearts mend. Sometimes friendships are built and then you meet that one that makes you reassess your fantasies. You accept someone very human into your life and that person becomes your fantasy. (My personal best in fortune cookie philosophy)

I'm completely jazzed about a few things. Really looking forward to getting my nerd on with The last Hobbit movie, saw the new teaser trailer for Star Wars. I think it's brilliant, but many disagree, the debate should continue for sometime and, maybe one day, enlightenment shall show them how wrong they were and cross hilts on lightsabers are cool. I'm completely devastated by the Walking Dead mid-season finale. Still the best writing on TV (IMHO). I'm reading a fun series of books by Pierre Pevel it starts with The Cardinal's Guards. I'm a sucker for historical fiction, especially if you set it in 1620(ish) Paris and add dragons.

Still trying to figure a way to get my Absolute Sandman series, myself. Neil Gaiman and a pen in the same place at the same time. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Follow my on Facebook and Twitter you can find me on each by my name. I do have an Instagram account, but I have like eight pictures in it. A few I took and I'm rather proud of them. Check them out.


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