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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The hodgepodge

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. Met my sister and hubby out for breakfast. It's always great to spend time with them. They had their grandson Isaac in tow. He's just a good little boy and damn adorable. Later on I drove to Marietta, GA and hung out on the square meeting my friend Paul Littlehale for a Johnnie MacCracken's afternoon of eating amazing food and drinking a spectacular beer brewed by our very own bartender, Bram. His nut brown ale is to die for. There's always a camaraderie I associate with pubs such as Johnny MacCracken's that always remind me a little of home in Connecticut. I step into the place and it really feel like I'm not so far away. Trust me on one point, if you find yourself in Georgia and on the Marietta Square wander over to MacCracken's and order anything. My personal favorite is the Irish Surf and Turf, you will not regret it.

I cooked a little dinner for Nadine when she got home from work and we settled in to watch The Librarians from last weekend. It's our new favorite program. It's light and fun and perfect for a date. It fills a little of the sad hole left by Warehouse 13 and Eureka. We followed that up with Constantine which I'm completely in love with. I can't tell you how much I nerd out over that program. I'm not secretive about my love of superheroes. I even write about them, sort of, you'll see with Dex Territory. I totally dig Arrow and The Flash, Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but Constantine is something a little dearer to my heart. I love the Gothic story when there are actual forces of good and evil, angels and demons and all the creepy things in between. I love heroes who are broken and fallen and don't think they're good enough, but strive to atone. I love that word, atone. I think we all have something in which we've fallen short. I know I have regrets that niggle away at me when my distractions aren't enough; actions I've taken, things I've said, people I've hurt and each of those things leaves a little ghost behind. Some can be exercised, but others just stick around and become demons. One day I really should look into therapy. Right now, I'll hang on to them, they fuel my creativity.

Before that tangent, I was commenting about having a great day. It's certainly been amazing to have a day away from typing away and living some life. I know I get pretty laser focused when I'm motivated to do something. It's a good trait on a lot of things, but it's not always a blessing and I have some making up to do with Nadine. She been a widow these last couple of months. I think she vaguely aware of someone gumpily stomping around the house in need of either coffee, which there's plenty, and sleep, which there's not enough. Once we get some coffee into her, we'll start our trek around North Georgia in search of a few more Christmas presents, some groceries and lunch out. Tonight it's a date of Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm completely stoked about that. Oddly enough, Guardian's wasn't my absolute favorite movie this year, that distinction goes to the move Chef with Jon Favreau. It's a story about a lot of things, about finding one's self, rediscovering relationships, fathers and sons and it came at a time that helped me deal with the loss of my Dad, some career choices, shifting relationships with friends as they move on with careers and life. The movie spoke to me on a very personal level. In the end it just made me happy.

A friend pointed out to me that my book Dex Territory was available on Amazon. I thought that was pretty spectacular. I did spend a few minute putting together my author page, which I hadn't been able to do since until that point I didn't have a book. It's rudimentary right now, but it'll evolve in time. My sister, JoAnn, who is also my PA, was thrilled to hear it and she's going to start her work of pimping me out. That's a sentence I never thought I'd ever have to write. I've ordered my first case of books. I think everything is going to be available on the 24th of December. Although, Amazon shows the book available now. A friend ordered a copy and we'll see when it arrives for him. I have a few of the case that are set aside for a special select few as thank you for their support and help, but anyone wanting a personalized copy can order one through me. I'll have something set up with Paypal as soon as I can figure out where to park it. The cover price of the book is $18.95 + shipping. The Kindle version will be $3.99. I'll have limited copies to start, but can order more as I need them. As much as I'd love to give everyone a copy, I have to pay for the books and resell them. While it's art, it's also a business.

I'm working on some swag. I'm getting bookmarks and some cover posters and looking into a few other little give away items. Settling on some designs and I've need approval through my publisher. Lots and lots to do.

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  1. You're content, that makes me happy. Enjoy today and Nadine. (Maybe not quite the way that sounded.) What a Christmas present.