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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Slaying Dragons and Other Wee Beasties

To say this was an interesting week would be the king of understatements. Books are selling and I've gone through 2/3rds of the case I initially ordered. I'm pulling sales from friends and those that are supporting me, for which I'm eternally grateful. I'm also hoping to connect with a larger readership. The goal is to be heard over all the noise that's out there. I'm getting slammed with twitter followers and for the most part I don't know if these are real people. A lot of disappointment with the likes and retweets and I'm mostly getting people that say they have 100 thousand followers to retweet my shit to, but when I ask the very basic questions like who are you, who's your audience and can I talk to some other that use your service, they disappear pretty fast. I don't think the get twits quick things is all that it's cracked up to be. I run operations for North America for a telecommunications company and as someone in the business world you figure out pretty quick, who's for real. Anyone truly bend on selling you a service has done the work. It's their business and not a scam and their low on promises and rich on information and the choice is always yours.

Sales is about building a relationship and I've seen some of the best. I have close friends that have taken an interest in me and by doing that I want to know more about them. Pretty soon we're playing a round of golf, or trivia over wings and beer, or just a simple quiet lunch where business isn't even mentioned and we talk about relationships, or what's going on in our lives, accomplishments of our kids, the marathon we're about to run, or the twenty pound we've packed on or removed. The human connection is the key to sales and not the whiz bang, strobe lights and human beat box where it's all a show until you sign the dotted line. Word of mouth is the slowest form of advertising, but you build connections by talking to people, letting them know you're for real.

My only real wish in this is someone picking up my book, reading it and having a good time. It's simple. I had a pretty good story, rough around the edges, but those have been honed and it sharp, quick witted, thrilling, romantic, heartbreaking with characters you just want to hang out with. I'm certainly biased on this front, but every time I reread the book it's visiting old friends. They mean a lot to me. I even really like my antagonists, trust me I have infinitely more fun writing for them. They have to justify what they do, because they're the heroes of their own story. There's a reason why they do what they do and they've had to compromise along the way and if you compromise enough, sometimes there's no coming back from it. Storytellers talk about the hero's journey, but the villain's journey is ultimately more fascinating to me. I have a lot of throw away characters that come in a perform a cameo, but I have two that I would kill just to invisibly follow around and chronicle and my life would be fulfilled. I'll let you figure out who they are.

A couple of friends asked me if any of this story had correlations to events in my life. My life has led me down a many and varied path and the answer is some of it is partially autobiographical. You write what you know, but in this case I drew upon loss, clever moments, certainly humor I've picked up and bit of dialog and mannerisms that belong to people I know. Some of my characters are based on real people, or specifically and amalgamation of real people. Some just come directly out of the part of me that never aged past 14. I refuse to apologize for any of it. Because, tough shit. I don't mean that as something insulting, but this is life, it's messy, things don't work the way you want and there's always spinning you off into new directions. I know I've become a master of the plan B. But one day you plan fails, you go to you back-up and discover cronuts and your life changes. Hell, my entire career was a plan B, C, or L. I wouldn't change a thing.

Treading new waters with all of this and too much crap running around my brain. I've taking this week as vacation, otherwise I'd be pretty useless at work. These last two months getting Dex Territory ready was hard, I was also working up on the follow up, which I have tentatively titles Deus Dex Machina and it's turning out to be a rather fitting title to the book, so it's probably going to stay. This one make Dex Territory look like kitten play. New characters are added and they layers continue to pile up. They more I work on this the large it's becoming and I wonder if I'm dealing with a monster in this Dex world. Sometime you just need to be a knight named George and go off an slay a dragon.

If you're on the blog and get to the main page, you can order a copy directly from me. I hold your book loving and find the right words to personalize it you and sign it with the most illegible signature know to man, but it's dramatic and you don't want to miss it. You can, of course, just get a signed one. I'll get it out to you as quickly as possible. It is by far the slowest way to get one in your hands. I have about ten left before I have to re-order.

Come find me. friend me, tell me what you think. Reviews are highly encouraged and I might hold a contest for reviewers and you can earn some swag. My friend Paul who does my artwork is working on some new renderings and we might be able to get some of them in your hands. I don't know of anyone who wouldn't want Pink Panther in their hands.

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