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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Woohoo!!! It's here. It's official my book is released. My publisher has sent out all the feeds and it's time for me to kick back, party and live the good life until the meteoric rise to the NY Times Best Seller list, fame, movie rights and wine, women and song, just don't tell my wife. Heh. It's a good dream though. It would be great if something like that happened. My publisher keeps telling me this is one of those stories that has potential to make it big, big characters, crazy plots, romance, it's pretty much the whole package... and I believe him, except for the fact that I'm a realist. I'm not a glass half/full or empty kind of guy I'll say the water sits at the midpoint of the glass. Trust me, I've daydreamed about the win/win scenario and big, but, I think, managing my expectations has been the most challenging part of the process. If you live in the moment and deal with what's happening it's easier to keep a clear head. I express gratitude for everything that's happened. It's important.

Everything's been a surprise for me. I'm grateful that people are buying my book, I'm getting great feedback and positive reviews. My friend Mike Bailey at the Innsmouth Look did an author interview with me. Mike and I go back a number of years when we worked together as actors at a Renaissance Festival. He's also an author and his Secret Origins series is absolutely incredible. He's about to release book 4 in the series. I've read the first and am holding on to the rest. Mike is great writer and I didn't need him influencing my work. Check him out: and my interview is at:

My friends over at Shallow Graves gave me a start and published my first work in their magazine. The story was called, In Nomine Patris. It was the story of woman, Julia Hart, born of an Angel and a Demon while possessing human forms and she carried both demonic and angelic powers within her. It was a fun little story. It got me started while I was figuring out how to do a lot of things, mainly learning how to write. They gave me a test bed and I owe them a lot. I think you may see a book review coming out of them, so stay tuned for that.

Having gone through this process, I can never look at another author and say their work is crap. It's easy to do when something isn't to your particular taste, especially when you're dealing with genre fiction. It's very specific and you have a specific audience and as an author you want as many people to read your story as possible, it's time to broaden the horizons. Throw a little romance into your sci-fi while their tracking down a murderer, now you have appealed to sci-fi, romance and mystery lovers. It was hard to pin my book down to a specific genre, it had superheroes for sure, but there was a love triangle, my protagonist is chasing a killer and it contains elements of a spy thriller with a pinch of horror thrown in for good measure. Make sure the characters don't forget to laugh, because humans deal with pain by using humor. It's a survival mechanism. If you can laugh at thing, it doesn't hold dominion over you. If something extraordinary is happening, it's a great idea to let the reader know this isn't normal. It's your job to inform the reader, let them in on the joke.

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Finally (About time! You might say)

I'm posting this on Christmas eve and while I hold no religious affiliation, I do believe in celebrating with friends and family and exchanging a few gifts in the season of winter blahs. That's just good for the soul. In that spirit, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and truly great New Year!



  1. Thank you, Yoni!! No need to be jealous, you're creative gifts put me to shame.