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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Life, the Universe and Dex Territory

So what happens when something you've cast aside suddenly gets thrust in your hands and you're asked to sign it? You take a moment and reflect. Three months ago my manuscript for Dex Territory was sitting in the virtual equivalent of a drawer and a unique set of circumstances turned it from that into a novel I held in my hands and was signing. How does that happen?

I have experience the range of human emotion in these last few months, excitement, joy, terror, anger and it's all finally evened out into a gentle enthusiasm. I've pushed all expectations aside and it's time to get to work on selling it. To sell, you need to be rational, charming, real and you need to believe in what you're selling and it's not really the book. You're selling yourself.

Even works of fiction, like Dex Territory, draw on my experiences and my perceptions. Parts of it are almost autobiographical, the relationships some of the dialog and the chasing of a super-powered serial killer are based on real events. Ok, you got me the dialog never happened. Truly writers write what they know and spend a lot of time google-searching for the rest. Sometimes you're lucky enough to actually talk with someone. Wikis will tell you a lot of facts, but they don't tell you all the very human stuff that happens behind it. I spent a lot of time observing people and with only a few minor restraining orders and some community service I was able to get some insights that really helped flesh out some of the characters.

Unfortunately, some of the character moments ended up on the cutting room floor in favor of the story. That's where an editor comes in really handy. We looked at a bunch of it and we ttrimmed it out, while it was great character building, it didn't service the story. Some if it I'll use later, some of it gets filed away as background and I'll use it when characters do something, or react in certain way. I'm deeply intimate with the characters, but I have a deep fondness for my bad guys. That is where I got to have fun. If an antagonist wasn't a jerk it wouldn't be satisfying when he gets his, or sometime more interestingly wins.

While Star Wars was great, The Empire Strikes Back was the best of the series. Our heroes suffered and pain gives your characters something to overcome. I beat the hell out of O'Shea, both physically and emotonally and it's his determination that pushes him forward, especially and almost always while he's outclassed. He's the scrappy welter-weight going against the heavyweight champion and who doesn't like that story?

Right now I feel like I can relate to that. I'm on with a small press, I'm marketing this myself, I want people to be as enthusiastic as I am about this story. It's a good one. I think it's solid. I hope you think it's solid and if we all feel good about it, I 'll write the next one and if you think Dex Territory iwas rough for Rick, in book 2 the gloves come off and we start getting busy.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me, gotta refresh that restraining order.

  2. Always a good idea, you never know when a certain author will be lurking about trying to pick up pieces of random dialog.