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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Current Future Status as of a Few Minutes Ago

I thought I'd take a few minutes and talk about the last week and change. November 1st starts NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I usually participate in it. The goal is the write 50,000 words in a month. It's hard. It takes dedication and it focuses the writer to, well, write. You're not going for quality and you're not going to write a masterpiece, but it can help you get ideas down on paper. Last year, I did participate and wrote down 35,327 very nonsensical words in what I hope is going to turn into a sequel to my novel Dex Territory, currently being ripped to shreds by my editor Terry. He insists it will be a great and humbling experience that should delight readers. More on that in a moment.

Book 2 has given me something to do while waiting for the edited copy. Book 1 gave me a framework in which to play and established the rules. The second book takes it the next step and continues the story while figuring out which rules to break. Like the first book, it's gleefully fun to heap pain and torment on my main character and watch him figure it out and occasionally triumph, but the sadistic side of my nature doesn't stop there, sometimes it's important not let the good guy off the hook and when victories cost something they are most well earned. There's no mistake The Empire Strikes Back is the best film in Star Wars. It was fun watching Indiana Jones get outsmarted by Belloc. You wouldn't be so invested in Frodo if he didn't have a burden to carry and obstacles to overcome, sometimes even getting betrayed by friends. Pain is interesting and watching, or reading about how others deal with it, makes for the best stories.

Enough of that nonsense. What's going on with Dex Territory?

Glad you asked. I mentioned that my editor was tearing it apart. I haven't picked up the story in some time. It sat dusty on a shelf (actually sat in hard drive collecting pixels) and it was a chance meeting that Terry and I crossed paths through a mutual friend. I figured I'd eventually get back to the story one day, but between you and me, I was tired of the rejection and went off to pursue other things. I recently reread it and it was eye-opening. I thought I really had a tight, well-crafted story, and I did! If you look past all the places where I went off the rails, mistakes, gaping plot holes, the excessive use of the passive voice, and out and out contradictions. Actually, I'm rather surprised Terry bothered with it. It's a credit to him as an editor and as person. We're working on this jewel in the rough and I full confidence in this puppy now. It's going to be a rocking good story.

I realize what I absolutely had to have was someone who questioned everything. This story deals with big ideas and I think I'm going to continue forward exploring the big ideas. It's great to put them in a place where you can talk about them. Star Trek the original series did an amazing job of talking about societal issues and I think I've stumbled upon the same opportunity here by using a allegory to talk about issues I care about. We should be more vocal about the things we're passionate about, but somewhere along the way, it became important to be politically correct, to suppress opinion, to be in step with the rest of society. While I believe in following rules, it think it's important to question them in the first place. Kind of like having my story torn apart to find the truth of it.

So, my dear reader, we are coming to the end of the quiet before the storm. The edit is nearly done and should be back in my hands after another quick pass. Then my attention will shift from the next story back to the past. I expect I will earn my 50,000 words without having participated in NanoWriMo this year, but I'm sure all will be forgiven upon the book's release. I will do my best to make sure I take some time to jot down some thoughts as it happens. This is the first and only time I'll get to talk about my first experience. So far, it's exciting and nerve-wracking and I'm questioning everything, I feeling the greatest highs while my ego gets crushed. It's a lot like being in love with someone you don't quite know if they love you back.

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  1. Can't wait to read the puppy! Glad you're not restricting yourself to 140.