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Friday, October 24, 2014

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I've gotten two notes back from my editor, Terry, who is a great guy. Now, I know I'm not a literary prodigy, I'm pretty much a regular(ish) guy with a day job who likes to jot shit down from time to time. It's fun for me. I get to explore the deepest, darkest places in my psyche and perhaps share them with a few folks and throw some coin of the realm in my pocket for winning this literary lottery. (use of alliteration - bonus points, having to use spellcheck to correct alliteration - points removed) Hopefully enough to, at least, buy a latte at Starbucks. (Full disclosure, Starbucks does not sponsor this blog) While I know I'm hardly a genius, I thought I had worked out most of the bugs, but those two notes have sparked off a storm of insecurity about my story and my worthiness as a storyteller. I've been rolling them around the brain pan, hard. And, I know what you're thinking and you're right, it's complete bullshit and I should file a restraining order against my mind for abuse.

Here's what I feel is reality, I put something out in the world and it's intimidating. Friends and family and hopefully a few others who take pity, or are dazzled by whatever cover art is on the book, are going to read this and pass judgment over me as an author, some may as a person, but I'm ok with it. The truth of the matter is it takes courage for anyone to put themselves out there, it's easy to hang back and be part of the crowd and lob likes, dislikes, reviews and comments out there. I hope there are going to be more bad than good, but ultimately, I'm curious. I'd like to know if I spun a good yarn, or have a tangle mess. (Use a metaphor, points added. Use of cliché points removed) I'd like to think I've matured and can separate the work from the man. I do it in my day job and it's taken a long time to get there. We'll see about that.

This feels like the next step in that journey. Taking the risk with something personal, something I spent years with and it's something I've come to the realization is flawed. It contains grammar, spelling and typographical errors along with plot holes, unneeded exposition, clunky dialog and general awkwardness. I'm grateful that Terry is asking me those questions and I really expect him to bleed blue all over those pages. Every blue mark is going to bring a smile to my face, because each is a lesson learned, each is a bit of polish on the stone and each is going to help me bring a better story. One, I hope, will be generally liked.

What I'm going to do is stop kibitzing over what is out of my hands and look to what is in front of me. That would be book two in my saga. This one's going a lot faster as I don't have to world-build on this one and don't have to start by laying out the rules and introducing the players. There'll be some reminders, but the point is to tell the tale.

Before I sign off here's a description of book one Dex Territory that Terry sent out. I couldn't have written this as it bounces around so many genre's that the story was hard to boil it down to the essential essence. (Bonus points!!)

Mark's urban fantasy thriller "Dex Territory" is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It's a mix of detective and super heroes in a high-stakes world of James Bond bad guys against law and order and true love.


  1. The artists bain....rolling over all the things that might be "wrong". There is a reason why they call us artsy types "tortured".
    Looking forward to more.

  2. What she said. ^ Love your parentheses.